How to Become Influential in your Industry

An industry expert is someone who’s seen as a reliable source of information for a chosen field. They are regularly involved in current industry events, topics and points of discussion. Becoming an expert takes a lot of time, dedication, research, experience and, in some cases, a unique or original perspective on things. But how does one become an industry expert?

Have the Ability to Inspire Others
Inspiration has the ability to instigate tremendous change; whether it be a deeper sense of thought, action or some other kind of meaningful response. If you feel you have something to say, you can share your knowledge, stories and ideas with people in order to provide a fresh perspective on things. This is a big component of being viewed as an expert; by not being afraid to share your ideas withthe world.

Have a Clear Vision or Purpose
All successful businesses have some kind of identifiable purpose or vision statement. Ikea strives for ‘A better everyday life,’ while American Expressprides itself on becoming, ‘….the world’s most respected service brand.’

Whether your goal is to promote yourself or your company, there needs to be an underlying reason for wanting to achieve that goal in the first place. Having a vision allows people to better understand your thoughts and actions, which will then influence how people perceive your overall image.

Focus on your Audience
Being influential means having an impact on the people around you. Whether you’re presenting at a press conference, sharing your insight on the web or helping others; you need to provide value to people’s lives.
Having a good reputation sometimes means going beyond the norm too. It’s generally implied that you’re already good at what you do. So you need to promote yourself in a way that not only plays off your strengths, but also presents it in a way that resonates with your target audience.