Real Estate Video

The Complete Experience
We provide professional HD Property Videos available in 30sec, 60sec and 90sec options depending on your budget and property size.
All videos include final editing, hosting, background music, company branding, and contact details with the option of professionally trained voice-over artist, time-lapse, lifestyle clips and twilight scenes.
All you need to provide is company logo/styling guide, contact details and script (prior to the video shoot).
HD Property Videos can be combined with a photo-shoot for a reduced price and are delivered within 48 hours.
If you have a restricted budget, you may like to try our real estate Slide Shows.

• Up to 90 seconds
• Intro/Outro with agent branding
• Music
• Next-day turnaround


• Up to 2 minutes
• Intro/Outro with agent branding/details
• Background Music
• Location Tour
• Moving skies, water and fireplaces
• TV animation
• Next-day turnaround

Slide Show Presentations

An Affordable Alternative to Video
Slide Shows are a cost effective way to add video to your sales and rental listings or for use in in-house auctions. Using professional photography and 3D floor plans we create an attractive 90 second - 2 minute video with agent branding and music. Professional voice-over is also available as an optional extra.